Fuchsia Consulting

About Fuchsia

Founded in 2010 and inspired by the beautiful Fuchsia plant, Fuchsia Consulting is where science meets whimsy.

On a family vacation to Valentia Island in western Ireland, we noticed hedgerows of the Fuchsia fairies dancing along footpaths near our grandmother's homestead.  The fairies could be seen in porch pots, inviting gardens, even growing among rocks in centuries-old stone fences.  

Curious about the folklore, it was soon discovered that Fuchsia plants invoke feelings of trust and confidence when given as gifts.  The fanciful flowers represent assurance, integrity, as well as fun and friendship.

After more than ten years of providing formulation and development services to global cosmetic companies, our founders took steps to focus on family and close relationships.  By spending more time and attention with customers, Fuchsia Consulting builds trusting relationships and delivers high quality formulations.

Fuchsia Consulting can bring your fantastic fancies to life --- and help you share them with the world.

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